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Maxcio Wifi Rotary Dimmer Light Switch

Why does the light bulb flash after connecting?1. This switch is only suitable for 3 types of lamps-INC 430W Max / LED dimmable 250W Max / CFL 250W Max.
2. You can try to adjust the minimum brightness of the bulb until the bulb does not flicker in the app.
Must the neutral wire be connected?Yes. The neutral wire is the zero line. Our switch must be connected to the neutral wire for voice control and remote control.
Why the dimming function does not work?1.Please make sure the bulb supports the dimming function. (There is a dimmable logo on the bulb.)
2.The dimmer does not support smart lights.
This dimmer supports about 80% of the dimmable LED lights on the market. Our dimmers can 100% support Schneider, Philips, Siemens dimmable lights. We recommend that you use the dimmable lights of these brands for testing.
Can't connect to Alexa or Google.Please activate smart life skill on the alexa app.

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