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Maxcio Smart RF Curtain Switch

Is it possible to connect multiple switches to a single remote control?No, the connection between this switch and the remote control is one-way. However, a wifi shutter switch can connect up to 10 RF remote controls.
How to pair the remote control with the switch?Press and hold the (up or pause or down) button for about 5-7 seconds until the wifi icon flashes red, and then press the (up or pause or down) button on the remote control to pair.
Can the backlight be turned off?Yes. You can use the Smart Life APP to activate and deactivate the LED backlight.
Can't connect to Alexa or Google.Please activate smart life skill on the alexa app.
Can I install and use it without Neutral Wire?The switch must be connected to the neutral wire (zero wire). Our switch needs to connect 4 electric cable in total: phase wire, neutral wire and cables for raising and lowering the motor.
Why can't I connect the switch to wifi?Please check if your WiFi router is at 2.4GHz, please turn off the 5G network before use.

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