Start your smart life here - Maxcio WiFi smart socket

Start your smart life here - Maxcio WiFi smart socket

By connecting to your WiFi network, Maxcio smart plug allows you control your appliances via your smart phone or just voice.

You can also schedule your appliances, and create an automatic house:

- turn on the lights at sunrise

- make a cup of coffee before you get out of bed

- turn on tv when your favorite program start

- turn on air condition when the temperature is high



1. The Maxcio smart plug can only support 2.4 Ghz Wifi.

2. Make sure there is no special symbol in your WiFi name and password. (Like a dash.)

WiFi name should only contain letters and numbers.

3. If failed, please long pressing the on/off bottom on the middle of the plug until the indicator light flashing quickly, then set it up again.

4. Models of router below are not compatible with our smart device: Google wifi mesh router, Apple Airport Extreme/Express, linksys WRT 3200ACM router 

Compatible with Amazon Alexa:

1. Set Your Echo Speaker by Alexa APP.

2. Enable Smartlife Skill in Alexa APP.

3. Say "Alexa, discover devices", then Echo will find the devices.

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