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Maxcio is a new smart home business that was launched in 2017. Maxcio products are cutting-edge smart home appliances that include innovative smart light switches, dazzling smart lights, aroma diffusers, and other cutting-edge technology.

Maxcio always prioritizes design and quality in all of our production and marketing practices. This is why we are reaching out to social media enthusiasts around the world who take their social media channels as serious as we take smart home technology.

Maxcio Brand Ambassador Program

We’re looking for like-minded influencers, who want to collaborate with Maxcio to help promote smart home products and smart living. You can do this by simply making a short video (30sec- 1min) about a Maxcio product and posting it on your social media channel.

Don’t like making videos? No problem, we have a variety of ways you can take part in our Brand Ambassador program, and we are always open to new ideas or suggestions. 

Collaborate with Maxcio Smart Home Technology

Why Should You Join Our Brand Ambassador Program?

  • You’ll get some fantastic free smart home products.
  • You'll receive discounts to share with your social media followers.
  • The possibility to be recognized on our social media platforms and website.
  • Be part of a rapid growing company.
  • Learn about the latest smart home technology.

Join us with Maxcio for Smart Home Appliances

Are You a Good Fit?

We’re looking for influencers who are into technology, efficient living, home interior design and of course, influencers who care about smart home products. Whether you have lots of experience or are just starting out, we have something for you.

Our Expectations

We want to collaborate with content creators who are passionate about home improvement and smart technology, and have an audience that can relate and interact.

You will be required to make a video about a Maxcio product then send it to us for approval, after approval feel free to post it on your channel.

Please contact us for specific details regarding the video content. Getting started is easier than you think, just enter your email address below.

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Smart Switch Aroma Diffuser Smart Lighting Plug & Strip All of them

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please let us know below. If not then you are all done! Just click submit and we will contact you within 48 hours.




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