Our Expert Guide to Creating a Smart Home for the Disabled and Elderly

If you're looking for ways to make your home more accessible for the disabled or elderly, our latest blog post is a must-read! We cover everything from home automation to sharing expert tips on creating a comfortable and safe home for all. Click through to learn more!

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Technology is the great equalizer. It’s supposed to elevate everyone to the same plane. However, too often, it feels like certain demographics are neglected. Two of the most often ignored groups are the elderly and disabled.

Fortunately, with smart home technology, all of that has changed.

Let’s take a look at some of the more important devices.

Smart hubs

Smart hubs are the brains behind the entire operation. They are a cool gadget that connects and consolidates all of the devices.

With a simple voice command, you can control each and every device with ease. 

Making things easy to operate should be imperative. It shouldn’t be strenuous for them to do something as simple as turn on the lights or music. With a hub, all they have to do is command the device with their voice to turn both of them on or off, or even adjust the volume.

Curtain smart switch

A curtain smart switch is the perfect entry point. This is, essentially, technology for seniors made easy, and it’s also one of the best home automation products for those with a disability.

Opening and closing curtains can require a lot of work going from window to window performing the same task over and over again. It can require bending and having to reach up high, all of which is strenuous work on the body and if you are living alone can be dangerous.

By simply saying OPEN or CLOSE they can control their curtains without having to lift a finger. More importantly, with the free “MAXCIO” app, they can even create scenes, set timers, and more.

Maxcio smart home appliances 

Robot vacuums

Another miracle product, is robot vacuums. These devices can learn and map out the home layout to optimize the cleaning functionality. Robot vacuums clean the floor automatically.

From cleaning carpet to mopping the floor these vacuums are very versatile. The best part is they can be operated by using a smartphone or even a smart hub saving your loved one or friend from dragging around a heavy vacuum cleaner or bending over to use a dustpan.

If cleaning is a hazard for your loved one, whether they’re disabled or elderly, this is the perfect way to maintain a clean home.

Video doorbells

It’s important to remember that security is of the utmost importance. Some individuals like taking advantage of the weak, therefore having security measures in place, such as a video doorbell, is important.

You can easily install a video doorbell at their front door, and it will notify them when someone comes over via their smart hub. If someone suspicious appears, they will be warned and will be able to check who it is before answering the door.

They can even communicate to them through their hub telling them to WAIT or GO AWAY.

Smart locks

When people come to visit smart locks will save them energy and make everything more convenient by allowing them to unlock the door from their chair. Moreover, if you’re loved one has trouble remembering things, this is a great smart home device.

In the evening you can check your phone to see if their doors are locked and if not with a simple click of a button from your smartphone you can lock the doors for them.

This device will keep your loved ones, their home, and their belongings safe.

maxcio smart home appliances for the elderly

We are here to help

Technology for the elderly and disabled is a growing market filled with wonderful devices that can save time and energy. We at Maxcio are thrilled to offer a wide range of these useful products.

If you are looking to take care of a friend or loved one or are getting up in age yourself and want to start preparing, let us help you start the transition. Our experts at Maxcio are here to answer your questions anytime.


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