Are Smart Homes the Way of the Future?

A smart home is a home that uses technology to make life easier and more efficient. In this blog post, we explore whether or not smart homes are the way of the future.

The original smart houses were only concepts, not physical structures. Home automation has been studied in science fiction for decades.

Great writers and filmmakers envisaged a world in which dwellings were interactive and completely automated.

Many of these tales were ominous, warning readers and viewers of the dangers of artificial intelligence (AI) eventually surpassing human capabilities.

When you examine the many advantages of home automation, the concept becomes more calming than frightening.

The Beginning

The ECHO IV is recognized for being the first smart home gadget in 1966. ECHO IV was a clever device that would compute shopping lists, control the home’s temperature and turn on appliances.

Although the product was state of the art it never gained traction due to frequent breakdowns and poor marketing.  

Since ECHO IV the smart home market has exploded with new gadgets and devices that aim to make the home environment more livable. Smart home devices manage this by automating regular tasks and allowing homeowners remote access to their home automation devices.

World's First Smart Gadget

Today’s Smart Homes

The smart homes of today are more sustainable and help provide protection from homes using excess energy.

The current smart homes are more focused on security, living greener, and improving the overall efficiency of your home.

Controlling all devices via a remote mobile device is a current trend in home automation. In addition, automated lights, thermostats, light switches, and plugs are just a few devices encompassed in this now huge category of smart home appliances.

today's smart home

The Future

The future of smart homes will be humankind becoming more and more connected to technology. It wasn’t that long ago that the thought of using a cellphone or buying a product online was considered fantasy.

The world has a funny way of forcing technology upon us whether we are ready or not. But don’t worry it doesn’t have to resemble a Stephen King novel. In fact, it’s far from it.

The benefits of future smart home technologies are numerous. 

Smart home gadgets in the future will provide us increased control, convenience, and comfort while helping us get more done as our lives become busier.

Evermore individuals across the world will have voice control systems in their homes, such as Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri, and Google Assistant.

Within the next five years, ownership and usage rates are projected to skyrocket. By 2025 over 500 million households worldwide are expected to have a smart home device in their home.

Although there is no way to project what next-generation gadgets will be coming out. We can take a look at industry trends and get a good idea.

With global warming impacting the climate, homes of the future must react, with improved responsive cooling and heating techniques.

Smart homes will be able to monitor health and activity, such as reminding the residents to take medication, monitoring blood pressure levels, and even notifying local hospitals if there is a health emergency.

When you are 5 minutes away from your home GPS will communicate with your smartwatch, which will then relay your body temperature to your smart home informing it to optimize temperature for maximum comfort.

The possibilities are truly endless. Here at Maxcio we are excited about the future and will continue to do extensive research, optimizing our products so we stay on the cutting edge of this exciting field.

Smart Home in the Future


Many things in the future are uncertain but one thing that seems to be beyond doubt is smart homes and smart home devices are here to stay.

Don’t fret, transitioning to a smart home or installing a new smart home device is not rocket science. Let Maxcio help you with the transition. At Maxcio we welcome any and all questions.



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