Celebrate World Children’s Day with Maxcio!

Maxcio is wishing a joyful Children’s Day to every kid! We would like to brighten up your day with some of our smart lighting and aroma diffuser products.

Maxcio is wishing a joyful Children’s Day to every kid! We would like to brighten up your day with some of our smart lighting and aroma diffuser products.

We often take lighting and aroma for granted. It is such a common element of our home, that we rarely give thought to the comfort, function, safety, and personality it brings to our space. Truth is, the correct light and smell can make a big difference, especially in your child’s room. Whether you want to protect your newborn’s eyes, scare off the big ugly monsters in your toddler’s bedroom at night, or vibe up your teenager’s space, Maxcio has the kid’s room lighting and aromatherapy ideas that are sure to grow with the needs of your child.

Safety is often the first thought that comes to the mind of every parent, as it should be, but often we overlook some of the smaller things affecting our child’s life. So many things influence the direction of a young Child’s future, this includes things like lighting and smell.

The Lighting That’s Fun and Child Safe 

Choosing lighting that is unbreakable, such as Maxico’s Smart LED Strips, and avoiding breakable materials like glass or pottery helps avoid any unfortunate disasters because as we know all children are accident-prone. 

Multiple studies have been published showing the benefits of proper lighting and fragrance with children’s cognitive performance and behavior. Here at Maxcio, we developed Smart LED Strips and Aroma Diffusers to not only improve the atmosphere and smell of every household but also improve the development of children around the world.

Maxcio’s Smart LED Strips even sync to music soothing your child for a peaceful sleep or exciting playtime. With custom color options, a built-in timer, and music syncing capability, Maxcio’s Smart LED Strips are a dream come true. Compatible with Alexa and Google Home, this device is also app and panel controllable.

Fragrance That Relaxes and Stimulates Creativity

Along with Maxcio’s Smart LED Strips are our Smart Aroma Diffusers, they are sure to help your child relax and drift off into his/her magical imagination. When things get rough, the aromatherapy provided by Maxcio’s Smart Aroma Diffusers can turn your home into a stress-free paradise. 

It is no wonder that some schools pump fragrance into their classrooms to stimulate creativity and learner retention. A world where every child can enjoy the benefits of Maxcio’s customizable Smart LED Strips, and also the aromatherapy provided by the Smart Aroma Diffuser is just what we at Maxcio wish on this very important day. 

Lighting and aroma are sensations you and your child experience every minute of every day, they go together like peanut butter and jam, coffee and cream, the moon and the stars, and family and love. 

Your home is your child’s sanctuary. When life rears its ugly head, your home should feel like an escape. Without the right lighting and aromatherapy, this is simply not a possibility. Ultimately, that means the comfort of you and your children may be affected. 

The most important happiness a child can know is to know that he/she is loved! Show your child some love this Children’s Day with a Maxcio Smart LED strip and Smart Aroma Diffuser.

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Happy Children’s Day from all of us at the Maxcio Team!


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